How to Make Your Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

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How to Make Your Temporary Housing Feel Like Home
By: Coral Noyd ~ 5/15/2020

When you are away from your home it can be difficult. Your sleep schedule can be off, your body is in a new bed and city, you can feel very different and alone if you don’t have family or friends with you. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that your home away from home feels like HOME

Step 1: Make sure to unpack FULLY

Even if you are only in your temporary house for a couple of weeks, you do not want that feeling living out of a suitcase and not really feeling like home. Hang up your clothes, put your undies in a drawer (or on the floor)…whatever suits you!

Step 2: Set up YOUR space

This could be your home office if you are working, this could be your meditation room if you are between houses, this could even be your catch (like your junk drawer) all room. It can be anything you want, but we all have that one spot in our house that makes us feel comfortable and homey, you will want that feeling when living in a temporary house.

Step 3: Meet Your Neighbors!

Even if you are the quiet type, go and meet your neighbors. They are most likely in the same situation you are in too! They are there because they do not have their own home, and you can connect with them because you are feeling the same and maybe make some new lifelong friends! Have a BBQ!

Step 4: Make Your Home Smell Like Your Home

We connect our emotional feelings with our five senses, smell being one of them. If you can find that smell that makes you feel at home (Pine, Cinnamon, Cotton…etc), you are likely able to feel more comfortable and feel more at home than ever.

Step 5: Cook a Meal or Get Take-Out

Everyone loves food! Whether we make it at home with our families or we get some Chinese take out to eat in the living room in front of our televisions. Do what makes you feel at home and do this the first night! Make a little bit of a mess so you really feel like where you are living is YOURS.

Enjoy the first night and take some down time to get comfortable.
With our furnished housing units, we hope to help make this process a little bit easier not matter your circumstance!

How to Make Your Temporary Housing Feel Like Home