7 Benefits of Short Term Rental During Job Relocation

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7 Benefits of Short Term Rental During Job Relocation
By: Coral ~ 2/15/2018

7 Benefits of Short Term Rental During Job Relocation

7 Benefits of Short Term Rental During Job Relocation

Whether your company is relocating you or you're moving out of state, the right housing is key. Read on for the top five benefits of short term rental.

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Moving up in your career is always something to celebrate.

But, sometimes it comes at the price of moving away. This means starting other parts of your life over. You have a current residence to sell or free yourself from the lease, not to mention all the logistics and timing of moving.

To make the process easier on yourself, consider a short-term rental option.

This gets you in the area you need to be as quickly as possible. It also allows you to complete the move and settle in at your own pace.

Not seeing how this works in your favor?

Keep reading for seven reasons why a short-term rental is in your best interest during a job relocation.

1. Flexibility and Peace of Mind

Maybe you are feeling the pressure to perform well in your new role. Maybe you can't even focus on work with a whole house of things to move and personal responsibilities.

Ease these worries with the help of a month-by-month renting option.

This gets you where you need to be and allows you to take on everything else one step at a time.

Need to find new schools for your kids? Talk to your new office's coworkers.

Not sure when your partner will be able to relocate? Use the monthly rental option as a chance to make things work best for the both of you, without being pressed for time.

2. No Binding Contract

The best part about all the flexibility available with a short-term rental is that everything is on your terms. You aren't committed to a 12-month or even a 6-month lease.

Those kinds of contracts tend to be difficult to get out of. There are specific terms and conditions associated with canceling a lease, or at least a hefty fine to pay.

Thankfully, you can bypass all of this when you choose to go with a monthly plan.

Paying monthly means you get an extra few weeks to settle in or an extra few months. There is no housing management to answer to so long as you pay each month on time.

3. An Easy Upgrade

You may begin to establish a relationship with the building's leasing staff as you pay each month. Or maybe you don't see the need to move from the location that was only supposed to be short-term.

Good news - most short-term rental options can easily be upgraded to long-term contracts.

You can save a bit of money on the monthly payments when you make the switch. Not to mention, choosing to upgrade saves you an ample amount of time by not having to pack up and move again.

4. Freedom to Look Around

As simple as it can be to upgrade your contract, sometimes, you really do need to upgrade your space and move out of your short-term location.

The cool thing about this, though, is having the chance to weigh all your options. When you relocate to a new city on a monthly rental plan, you're able to get to know the city better.

Take your first few weekends to check out different neighborhoods in town. Ask yourself where you can picture hanging out all the time or what you want to be close to.

The answers to such questions will guide you to where you need to be.

5. The Opportunity to Settle In

While you're looking around for the perfect home or apartment building, something else is happening. You are turning this new, unknown city into your home.

No matter where your address ends up being located, the more you explore, the more you start to feel like a local.

You'll start noticing certain landmarks and businesses you like. You'll need your GPS less and less and everything will feel familiar.

Plus, once you do find the home you want to end up in for a while, you get to make it your own.

While you're in the short-term rental, you can pick out furniture and other design aspects of the new place. You get to create the environment you want without having to rush moving in.

6. Time to Tie Up Loose Ends at Your Old Place

Speaking of rushing a move, think about the packing process.

When you have to relocate for a job, you are given a specific amount of time to transition. There are deadlines to be met at the old office and expectations waiting for you at the new.

This is on top of all the personal responsibilities brought on by a move.

Luckily, a short-term rental allows you to take on everything in stride.

It lets you focus on being timely about your current deadlines and upcoming job requirements. It also means planning for things like:

  • notifying your children's current school you are moving
  • planning the move for your partner and their career
  • saying goodbye to local friends and family
  • selling old furniture
  • selling your current home or getting out of a lease
  • planning pet transportation and needs (vaccines, new chip, etc)
  • finding movers to pack and transport your things

This list alone is not everything that goes into a move. The items above tend to be the most important, though.

Give each moving responsibility the focus it deserves by moving into a short-term home and planning the rest of the move properly.

7. The Ability to Jump Into Your New Job Right Away

Some people make the mistake of committing to a long-term place just so they can start their new job. Don't be like them.

By all means, take advantage of your career opportunity.

Yet, do so in a way that doesn't compromise your lifestyle. Plan a short-term move for long-term benefits. Take your time finding the place in which you truly want to live and transitioning from your current home to the new.

Such patience clears your mind to focus on your new job. It also allows you to break the ice and make new connections as you talk to coworkers about the best areas to live and play in town.

Eventually, everything comes together much better than a quick move would be able to provide.

Finding the Right Short-Term Rental For You

It's one thing to know a short-term rental is the way to go while relocating. It's another to understand how to find the right short-term option for you.

That is what we are here for. Our extended stay possibilities are significantly more comfortable than a hotel and make your move much easier.

Contact us today to discover what we have available in your new area.

15 Reasons You Should Be Excited About Your Move to Seattle
By: Coral ~ 1/15/2018


Why You Should Be Excited About Moving to Seattle

Nervous about moving to Seattle? Don't be! Seattle is one of the best cities for young professionals. Here are 15 reasons why you should be excited.

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A sparkling city surrounded by blue lakes and purple mountains. The iconic Space Needle stands proudly as it draws the eye. This is Seattle at a first glance.

Moving to any new city is a stressful time for all of us. However, when you take a second glance, you may come to realize that moving to Seattle is not so bad. In fact, it's full of exciting activities, food, and scenery.

Together, we'll take a closer look at all of the impressive things awaiting you in Seattle.

1. Incredible Mountain Scenery

The majestic mountains on the horizon give Seattle a beautiful backdrop every single day. With beloved mountains such as Mount Rainier and the Cascade Range always in view, it's almost like living within a real painting.

And the best part? They're close enough that you can go and enjoy them up close and personal any time you want.

2. Exciting Hiking Opportunities

Hiking goes along perfectly with those gorgeous mountains. And moving to Seattle means you get to enjoy those hiking adventures all the time.

There are many different varieties of trails to explore, whether it be climbing up to Rattlesnake Ledge or enjoying the coastal winds of Ebey's Landing. There's a hiking trail out there to match all experiences and tastes so make sure to bring along your boots.

3. The Pike Place Market

Seattle is full of beloved places where you can easily purchase fresh produce and newly-caught fish. Pike Place Market is perhaps the king of all these places, with over 200 different shops and vendors collected together to give you great products.

Pike Place Market is one of the many reasons tourist love to come to Seattle, so make sure you take the time to experience its buzzing beauty.

4. A Very Pet-Friendly City

Moving to Seattle is a great decision for those of us who love our pets because Seattle is full of places where you can bring your beloved friend along for any of the adventures you're about to go on.

As long as your pet is well behaved, they can even join you for a nice lunch at a restaurant if you want. Just make sure it's okay with the owners, as there are some establishments that prefer to remain pet-free!

5. All the Coffee You Could Want

If you're moving to Seattle and you love coffee, then you're in for a treat. Seattle loves coffee too. And there is a vast number of shops to prove it.

You won't go very far at all without running into a little coffee shop selling deliciously roasted goodness. Just turn a corner or walk a few minutes extra, and there you go.

6. Enjoy Sunday Sailing

The Center for Wooden Boats is a great place to rent a boat or to enjoy one of their many events. But there is something that makes them even more special. Every Sunday, volunteers come to take visitors out on Lake Union for a nice public sailing trip.

For free.

That's right, it's completely free, though they do accept donations for their kind work.

7. Comfort Reigns Supreme

The nice thing about moving to Seattle is that comfort is everywhere. You can see it as you walk down the street, noticing people in more soft flannel shirts and Birkenstocks than you can count.

It's nice to dress up once in a while, but in Seattle, people prefer to choose comfort more often than not.

8. Thriving Community

The community in Seattle a huge collection of friendly faces and neighborhood resources that really drive people together.

If you're wanting to meet new people after moving to Seattle, you'll have plenty of opportunities to do so. With bowling, movie theaters, restaurants of all types, and more, you'll have no trouble finding people with like-minded interests.

9. Glistening Water At Every Turn

Water is a part of Seattle's everyday life. You can't turn around without seeing Lake Washington one way or Elliot Bay the other. Then there's Green Lake and Lake Union found more inland of the city.

These bodies of water provide not only beautiful scenery but also contribute to the way of life and give its residents many fun activities to enjoy.

10. SAM

Otherwise known as the Seattle Art Museum. This iconic building is instantly recognizable the moment you see it. There's a working hammerman guarding the entrance, grabbing the attention of anyone passing by.

Once you're inside, you'll have the chance to see countless pieces of history and art that will keep you coming back for a second look.

11. Technologically-Minded

Seattle loves its technology. Many big corporations make their home in this city and its people are not ones to shy away from the latest and greatest. A lot of cafes offer wifi along with their services and you'll never be far from a store to get the newest upgrade for your favorite digital gadgets.

12. Park and Garden Getaways

It's not only lakes and mountains here in Seattle. There's plenty of greenery and thriving plant-life to enjoy as well. There are gardens and parks both big and small that give you a taste of nature's beauty.

Some are even tucked away waiting for you to find and enjoy them.

13. Outdoor Adventures Easily Available

Moving to Seattle means you're never far from a new outdoor adventure. The nearby lakes and mountains offer their very own kind of excitement for anyone looking for something thrilling to fill their day.

Just a few steps out of the house and already there are tons of new adventures within easy reach.

14. Various City Events to Enjoy

The city itself always has some kind of new event planned in their calendar. The events vary widely in the kind of entertainment they provide, so keep an eye on the calendar to stay up-to-date on the events that you'd enjoy most.

15. Unending Choice of Local Cafes, Bars, and Clubs

It's not just coffee shops in Seattle. This is a city full of young professionals wanting to spend some time with their friends. You'll have an unending variety of cafes, bars, and clubs to choose from while in Seattle.

Each with their own story to tell and their own special flair.

Moving To Seattle Opens the Way to Great Experiences

All of these different attractions and activities are just a taste of all that Seattle has to offer. You'll never have to worry about how you'll spend your free time. There are so many wonderful things waiting for you in this beautiful city.

Instead, you'll only need to worry about how to fit it all in!

Have any questions? We can help!